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How to recycle / Returner’s checklist / Safety / Recycling process / Battery family

The returner’s checklist

Recycling instructions

  • You can return all batteries and small accumulators free of charge and without an obligation to purchase new ones to any store that sells them. In other words, take them where you bought them.
  • You can return all sealed batteries and accumulators that can be carried by hand to battery collection receptacles found at stores.
  • Automotive batteries, batteries designed exclusively for industrial use or large lithium batteries are not to be placed in a collection receptacle. Large lithium batteries are used in devices such as electric bicycles, self-balancing scooters and other electric means of transportation.
    • You can ask for recycling instructions for large lithium batteries and batteries designed exclusively for industrial use from their importer.
    • You can find automotive battery and accumulator collection points here: www.kierrä
  • No batteries or accumulators must be disposed of with mixed waste. This is indicated by the separate collection symbol on the batteries and accumulators or their package.