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Battery boxes for small batteries and accumulators

Does your store or unit generate discarded batteries or small accumulators? We offer battery boxes for collection points that collect small volumes of batteries and accumulators or only batteries and small accumulators.

Batteries and accumulators are subject to legislation concerning the transport of hazardous materials and must therefore always be packed for transport in transport packages that feature the required labelling and meet all other requirements. Recser Oy provides packages suitable for transport free of charge to stores and other locations whose operations generate more than 30 kilograms of used batteries and accumulators a year.

Technical specifications of battery boxes

Dimensions when assembled: 380x240x240 mm
Weight when full: 30 kg
Please note! No batteries or accumulators that weigh more than 0.5 kg must be put in the box.

Suitability for a collection point

In addition to stores, possible collection points include offices, government agencies, educational institutions, health care units and industrial production or warehouse facilities. Battery boxes are delivered to collection points that allow for delivering and picking up the box during office hours.

If your unit is not open during office hours, you can return small volumes of discarded batteries and small accumulators to a store that sells them or a local collection point. Larger volumes of discarded batteries and accumulators and accumulators that weigh more than 0.5 kg should be returned to a local collection point. You can also pick up a customised pick-up at your own expense from a waste management service provider that acts as a partner of Recser Oy.

The minimum annual battery and accumulator collection volume of 30 kg has been set due to the fact that batteries and accumulators can start leaking and they should not be stored extensively to ensure safety. The minimum collection volume of 30 kg has been set due to the fact that batteries and accumulators can start leaking and they should not be stored extensively to ensure safety.

Empty battery boxes can be ordered here.

In order to ensure the safety of collection

  • Place the battery box in a monitored, dry and room-temperature place near suitable fire extinguishing equipment and a fire and/or smoke alarm system.
  • Ensure that it is impossible for the battery collection container to fall.
  • Place a roll of adhesive tape next to the collection receptacle for taping over the terminals of batteries and accumulators.
  • Check the receptacle regularly to make sure that it does not contain any unacceptable items or trash. Also check that the terminals of lithium batteries and accumulators are covered with tape to prevent short circuit.
  • Only put portable batteries and accumulators in a battery box. These are typically found in devices such as watches, toys, flashlights, mobile phones, cameras, computers and electric power tools such as drills. Batteries and accumulators that weigh more than 0.5 kg do not belong in a battery box.
  • Place the instructions for returning in a visible location and ensure that full battery boxes can be easily picked up at the usual cargo loading site.

Replacing full boxes with empty ones

The minimum batch for picking up batteries is one full battery box. When you order a pick-up for a full battery box, you will be provided with an empty box automatically. Therefore, you do not have to place a separate order for an empty box. If you want to receive more than one empty box when a full box is being picked up, please refer to the instructions from the full box pick-up order page.