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Order a pick-up for full battery barrels

You can order a pick-up for full battery barrels with an electronic form or by calling DB Schenker.

You can order a pick-up conveniently with an electronic form:

  1. Fill out the form with your contact information, the pick-up address and the collection site specific ID number. (If you do not know the ID number of your collection site, please contact info(a) or +358 (0)10 249 1717.)
  2. Choose a pick-up date from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under the “Tavararivi” (‘Goods’) header, enter the type and number of packages. A FIN pallet holds 5 barrels and an EUR pallet holds 4. The minimum pick-up for full barrels is 2 pieces on small pallet (EUR 6).
  4. Next, accept the terms of use of the service and confirm the order.
  5. After confirmation, create and print the transport documents.

Instructions for placing an order by telephone:

You can also order a pick-up for battery barrels by telephone on weekdays from 8.00 am to 4.00 pm at +358 (0)10 520 3455.

Note! The customer number 60003279 and the collection site specific ID number must always be given when placing an order. If you do not know the ID number of your collection site, please contact info(a) or +358 (0)10 249 1717.

When a telephone order is placed, the order centre sends the transport documents electronically for the orderer to print. If you are unable to print the necessary documents, please mention this when placing your order.

Instructions for packing batteries for transport:

DB Schenker only accepts transport equipment provided by Recser Oy or other UN-approved transport containers for transport.

he printable documents for the pick-up consist of a waybill printed on two pages and package-specific address tags. One of the printed and signed waybills is given to the transporter and one is retained by the sender.  In accordance with the requirements set for transfer documents in the Waste Act, the pick-up site must keep the waybill for 3 years.

One printed address tag is attached to each battery pallet. The barrels must be placed ready for pick-up in the usual cargo loading area of the collection site.

Order empty barrels

Order empty barrels (5 or 10 pcs) from DB Schenker at +358 (0)10 520 3455 or the e-mail address cc.turku(a) You will need an ID number specific to the collection point to make the order. You will gain the ID number once you have made a barrel use agreement with Paristokierrätys. Read more on the page Getting started with battery barrels.

In connection to ordering empty barrels, you can order a free bag of packaging supplies, which includes plastic bags and approx. 6 kg of bulk vermiculate, which is intended as tamping material. The product name for ordering a bag of packaging supplies is ‘Pakkaustarvikkeita akulle’ (Packaging supplies for batteries). Read more about packing batteries and accumulators and our bag of packaging supplies in our receipt and packaging instructions.

Other considerations:

You can also contact +358 (0)10 520 3455 or cc.turku(a) to order empty barrels that are not delivered automatically in connection with a pick-up of full barrels.

Print the pick-up order instructions here and place them for your personnel to see.

Full barrels are picked up within 7 days from the order. Recser Oy battery barrels must only be handed to a representative of DB Schenker.

The information entered on the form will be stored in the collection point register. The personal data stored in the collection point register will only be used for purposes necessary to fulfil Recser’s statutory collection obligation, such as for carrying out pick-ups and providing instructions. Recser Oy Collection points Privacy statement. Additional information: info(a)