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Generally speaking, companies that have signed a transfer of producer responsibility agreement with Recser Oy report the batteries and accumulators they place on the market to Recser Oy on a quarterly basis.

The costs generated from the producer responsibility are divided among the producers in relation to their market shares, so it is important that the producers submit information about the amounts they place on the market in accordance with the agreed upon schedule. Based on the reported information, Recser Oy charges recycling fees for batteries and accumulators based on the currently valid recycling fee prices and reports to the authorities.

Recycling fees are collected for all batteries and accumulators classified as portable placed on the market, as well as portable industrial accumulators, portable lithium automotive accumulators, industrial lead-acid batteries and automotive lead-acid batteries. No recycling fees are collected from producers of large industrial accumulators for large industrial accumulators placed on the market. Instead, the recycling fees are collected when large industrial accumulators are returned for recycling.

Reporting periods

  • 1 Jan–31 Mar, report by 30 Apr
  • 1 Apr–30 Jun, report by 31 Jul
  • 1 Jul–30 Sep, report by 31 Oct
  • 1 Oct –31 Dec, report by 31 Jan – due to the strict deadlines of the annual financial statements, reporting by 15 January, if possible

Producers of large industrial batteries and accumulators must fill in an annual report form

Producers of large industrial batteries and accumulators are subject to a more extensive obligation to report, since it is the producer’s responsibility to arrange the receipt and other waste management of decommissioned large industrial batteries and accumulators.

Producers of large industrial batteries and accumulators can use a form to submit quarterly reports on the product quantities they have placed on the market, but they must also use a separate form to submit an annual report on the large industrial batteries and accumulators that they have placed on the market, collected and recycled during the entire past year. The annual report form and instructions are delivered to producers by e-mail. Due to Akkukierrätys Pb Oy’s agent cooperation, industrial and automotive lead-acid batteries and accumulators are reported into an electronic reporting system on a quarterly basis and recycling fees are paid on them.

Reports are submitted through an electronic system

The amounts placed on the market are reported through an electronic reporting system. The producers enter their amounts per price group separately for products placed on the market in Continental Finland and Åland in both total kilograms and pieces. If a company has not placed any portable batteries or accumulators on the market in a reporting period, the piece and kilogram fields on the reporting form for the period in question are filled out with 0 amounts.