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You can recycle me and my relatives at 13,000 stores across Finland. Convenient, isn’t it?

Quick guide for returners / Collection points / Safety / Recycling process / Battery family

How to recycle batteries and accumulators?

Are you looking to recycle discarded batteries or accumulators? Read this quick guide to find out how to do it safely.

1. Take them where you bought them

You can recycle batteries and small accumulators conveniently on your shopping trip. If you can’t see a receptacle, please ask the store personnel for help.

Stores do not provide the collection of large lithium accumulators used in electric means of transportation, such as electric bikes, mopeds, scooters and balance boards. Check the search service for their collection points. Select “portable accumulators and batteries” from the site and enter your location to see your local collection points. Read more about collection points here.

2. Cover the terminals with tape

Please be sure to cover the terminals of the batteries and accumulators with adhesive tape before placing them in a receptacle. This easy trick keeps the terminals from touching and prevents a possible short circuit that may cause dangerous overheating. If you have any leaking batteries or accumulators, put them in a plastic bag. More detailed safety instructions can be found here.

3. Thank you for recycling!

By taking your batteries and accumulators to a collection point you ensure that the raw materials contained in them stay in circulation on the material market. Every year, more than a million kilograms of batteries and small accumulators are delivered from collection points to be recycled at the Akkuser Oy processing plant in Nivala. More than 50% of raw materials can be recycled. Read more about the recycling process here.