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Batteries and accumulators are subject to legislation concerning the transport of hazardous materials and must therefore always be packed for transport in transport packages that feature the required labelling and meet all other requirements. Recser Oy provides packages suitable for transport free of charge to distributors and other locations whose operations generate more than 30 kilograms of used batteries and accumulators a year.

You can print reception and pick-up order instructions and instructions for returners under Instructions and materials.

You will need an ID number. When you start collecting, order an ID number for your collection point using the form below. You will receive the location-specific ID number by email. Activation of the ID number takes a few days. With the received ID number, you can order a transport box for the batteries you have collected and in the future also order the pickup of full boxes. You can also use the box for collection purposes.

Note! If you already have boxes in use, you will receive new empty boxes when full boxes are picked up. If you have not received empty boxes when full boxes are picked up, you can contact kuljetukset(a) Please mention the reason for the complaint, the location ID number, the order number, and the contact details of the location in your message.

Dimensions of the transport box:

Assembled: 380 x 240 x 240 mm
Weight when full: approx. 30 kg

Instructions for placing an order a transport box:

Fill out and send the form below to get a collection point-specific ID number. The ID number is sent by email within a few weeks, after which you can order empty transport boxes from the ordering system.

Order ID number

    (preferably, a general e-mail address such as for sending newsletters)

    Personal information in the collection point register is only used for the purposes necessary to fulfill the legislative obligation of Recser Oy, such as enabling pick up for transport and providing information and instructions. Recser Oy Collecting Points Privacy Policy. For more information please contact: info (a)