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Batteries and accumulators are subject to legislation concerning the transport of hazardous materials and must therefore always be packed for transport in transport packages that feature the required labelling and meet all other requirements. Recser Oy provides packages suitable for transport free of charge to distributors and other locations whose operations generate more than 30 kilograms of used batteries and accumulators a year.

You can print reception and pick-up order instructions and instructions for returners under Instructions and materials.

When starting collection, order a transport box for the batteries and accumulators you collect by filling out the form below. You can also use the box for collection.

Note! If you already have battery boxes, you will receive new empty boxes in conjunction with the pick-up of the full ones. If you have run out of boxes, please mention this in the additional information field. The order form is primarily meant for new collection points.


Dimensions of the transport box:

Assembled: 380 x 240 x 240 mm
Weight when full: approx. 30 kg

Order transport boxes here:

Instructions for placing an order:

  1. Go to the ordering system and select the ”Jatka” (Continue) button below the text ”Tai jatkaa rekisteröimättömänä keräyspisteenä” (Or continue as an unregistered collection point).
  2. Scroll down the page. Add the number of empty boxes you wish to order using the plus button next to the text ”Tyhjä paristolaatikko” (Empty battery box).
  3. By pressing the shopping cart button below, you can check the number of empty boxes included in your order.
  4. Review the information and select the ”Seuraava” (Next) button.
  5. Enter the information requested by the system: the collection point’s ”Postinumero” (Postal code), ”Kaupunki” (City) and ”Katuosoite” (Street address). Then press the ”Seuraava” (Next) button.
  6. Enter the information requested by the system in the fields: ”Y-tunnus” (Company’s business ID), ”Keräyspisteen nimi” (Name of the collection point), ”Etunimi” (First name of the contact person), ”Sukunimi” (Last name of the contact person), ”Sähköpostiosoite” (Email address of the collection point, preferably a general one, such as info(a) and “358” (Phone Number).
  7. If necessary, you can provide more detailed transport instructions for the driver in the ”Anna lisätietoja kuljettajalle” (Provide additional information for the driver) text field.
  8. Review the information and place your order by pressing the ”Lähetä tilaus” (Submit order) button.