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Other collection points

Other collection points can order transport equipment and pick-up for appropriately packed batches from Recser Oy with the same terms as stores.

In addition to stores that sell batteries and accumulators, Recser Oy picks up discarded portable batteries and accumulators from hundreds of collection points that serve end users, such as the waste stations of many municipalities and private waste management service providers. Recser Oy also picks up discarded batteries and accumulators from various private and public sector units, such as offices, government agencies, educational institutions, health care units and industrial production or warehouse facilities.

All portable batteries and accumulators that allow for easy manual carrying are included in the Paristokierrätys collection system. Small volumes and small accumulators (less than 0.5 kg) fit into battery boxes while large volumes and heavy accumulators (more than 0.5 kg) should be placed into a battery barrel. As a general rule, all batteries and accumulators that fit into a barrel can be packed into one.



If the transport container options provided by Paristokierrätys are too large or otherwise unsuitable for a collection point, the collection point can order customised pick-up at its own expense from a waste management service provider that acts as a partner of Recser Oy.