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The collection of portable batteries and accumulators is targeted at their distributors, i.e. the sales outlets (sellers). The Waste Act stipulates that every seller must also take care of collecting used batteries and accumulators free of charge and without an obligation to purchase a new product.

From the point of sale onwards, the waste management obligation lies with the manufacturers of batteries and accumulators, and the representative of these manufacturers, Recser Oy, picks up the batteries and accumulators packed into appropriate batches at its own expense. According to the Waste Act, the seller can only hand over the products it receives to transport or processing service providers that have entered into an agreement with the manufacturer.

Furthermore, the Act obligates sellers to provide information about accepting used batteries both at their sales outlets and in their other marketing. Recser Oy supports this by providing ready-made communication materials for collection points. The materials can be found here. The seller is liable for the costs of the reception and communication activities arranged by the seller.

The seller’s reception obligation applies to portable batteries and accumulators

Portable batteries and accumulators include various disposable standard batteries, such as AA, 9V and button cell batteries as well as accumulators used in mobile phones, laptops, toys, cordless tools, electric toothbrushes, shavers and hand-held vacuum cleaners.

Accumulators used in electric means of transport, such as electric bicycles, balance boards and scooters, are not considered to be portable batteries or accumulators and thus they are not part of the seller’s reception obligation. These batteries are classified as industrial accumulators. We have arranged local collection points for accumulators that are the size of a portable industrial accumulator. Check the search service for the collection point closest to you.

However, sellers can accept used accumulators that are classified as an industrial accumulator due to their size and pack these into the Paristokierrätys barrels provided by Recser Oy. More information about the seller’s reception obligation can be found at ELY Centre’s web page.