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Registering as a producer

Does your company import or manufacture portable batteries, accumulators or devices containing them to the Finnish market? If your answer is yes, register as a producer below and make sure that your products are recycled as required by the law.

Producers of portable batteries and accumulators can easily take care of the registering process and other producer responsibility obligations through Recser Oy, the producer organisation established by battery and accumulator producers. Recser Oy is a non-profit producer organisation in the form of a limited liability company to which producers can transfer their producer responsibility with an agreement. There are currently more than 500 producers that have signed the agreement, see them all here.

Please send two signed copies of the contract to: Recser Oy, Teknobulevardi 3-5 G, 01530 Vantaa

We cherish reliability and equality in all of our activities, so all agreements made with producers have the same contents. The information contained in the register is used only to the extent necessary for the purposes of allocating producer responsibility and enabling enforcement and official controls. For more information, please see Recser Oy Producers Privacy Statement, or contact info(at)

Once the agreement has been registered, we will submit a notification to the authorities and take care of arranging the waste management and recycling on behalf of the producer. The producer only has to tell its customers that it has taken care of its producer obligations in a responsible manner and provide Recser Oy with information regarding the amounts of products placed on the market in accordance with an agreed upon schedule. Please remember to also make sure that the batteries and accumulators you place on the market feature the required labelling and come with instructions for detaching them.

Please note that the producer responsibilities concerning electric and electronic devices are completely separate, and that being a member of WEEE-producer organisation does not relieve companies of their battery and accumulator producer responsibility. Registering as a battery and accumulator producer must be carried out separately with the producer organisation for batteries and accumulators, and other producer responsibilities must be carried out through their respective producer organisations. The producer responsibility also pertains to cars, tyres, paper and packages. You can read more about other producer responsibilities here: