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Recser Oy
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Körmy-nikkelikadmiumakku ja Lyly-lyijyhyytelöakku

 Our mission is to arrange the separate collection, pre-processing and recycling of batteries and accumulators and promote recycling in Finland.

Battery recycling (Paristokierrätys) in Finland is arranged by the producer organisation Recser Oy, a representative of producers placing batteries and accumulators on the market. According to producer responsibility legislation, the manufacturers and importers of batteries and accumulators are responsible for the collection and waste management of their products once the product has been discarded.

Recser Oy is responsible for all portable batteries and accumulators that allow for easy manual carrying. Recser collects such batteries and accumulators from collection points without a separate fee as long as they are packed into a batch that is appropriate for arranging the transport.

For the purpose of packing, a collection point can order free transport boxes or battery barrels suitable for packing large batches or large lithium accumulators (over 0.5 kg).

Customised pick-up services are also available

For more information on pick-up services customised to the needs of specific collection points as well as pick-up and recycling services for large industrial batteries, please contact Recser Oy’s partners. All partners have been checked and approved by Recser Oy, and they hold the requisite environmental and waste transport licences to process and transport hazardous waste. These companies ensure that all batteries and accumulators end up with recycling facilities that are controlled and have the appropriate environmental permits. The environmental permit details are available through the Regional State Administrative Agencies’ information service. The Finnish Environment Institute maintains up-to-date information on valid waste transport licences.