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About battery barrels

Recser Oy, which organises the activities of Paristokierrätys, offers UN-approved battery barrels required by the Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods for collection points that collect large volumes of batteries and accumulators or lithium accumulators that weigh more than 500 g on a regular basis.

Technical specifications of battery barrels

Capacity: 110 l
Dimensions: 77,8 cm x 45,5 cm
Hole diameter: 39 cm

Capacity: 62 l

Suitability for a collection point

Battery barrels are suitable for collection points that collect more than 700 kg of batteries and accumulators a year or lithium accumulators that weigh more than 500 g. The use of battery barrels always requires a written agreement. You can fill in the information required for the agreement and learn more about the terms and conditions here.

One pallet full of barrels at a time

UN-approved battery barrels that include the labelling required by the Act on the Transport of Dangerous Goods are always loaded onto a pallet before delivery and pick-up. Empty battery barrels can be delivered to collection points with a separate order by using the collection point’s ID number in batches of 5 or 10 barrels. Only full pallets of full battery barrels are picked up. The minimum pick-up batch for full battery barrels is two barrels loaded onto a half pallet.


Recycling batteries and accumulators appropriately is important for the environment and safety. We have prepared online training material for collection points in order to allow them to learn more about the safety aspects of recycling batteries and accumulators.

The online training gives you information on how to avoid safety hazards and how the reception and storage of discarded portable batteries and accumulators is arranged safely at collection points. The online training can be accessed here (available in Finnish).