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Species: Nickel-metal hydride battery

“Active and durable workhorse, not to be confused with Allie.”

Prevalence: Found especially among families with children that use many battery-powered devices. Lives often in the same devices as Allies, can also be found in cordless tools.

Lifetime: Several years. More prone to tiring than other batteries when not in use.

Behaviour: Ninny is an active and durable workhorse that can be recharged several times. An environmentally friendly powerhouse that wants to be useful.

Handling: Please do not make the mistake of recharging Allie instead of Ninny – the alkaline battery may heat up enough to cause a fire.

Recycling: After arriving at the Akkuser plant, Ninnies are first crushed. Next, ingredients such as nickel and cobalt (35% in total) are separated and recovered from the crushed batteries. Using recycled nickel saves up to 75% of energy when compared to mining pristine material.

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Did you know: Ninny is a great helper for families with children that use many battery-powered devices requiring plenty of power on a constant basis. In such cases, Ninnies are recommended instead of Allies, as they help reduce waste. Also known as rechargeable batteries.

Appearance: Ninny may look confusingly similar to its cousin Allie, the AA-sized alkaline battery, but it is a rechargeable battery. You can tell it apart from Allie with the text “Rechargeable” or “accu” written on its side.

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