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Species: Nickel-cadmium battery

“Becoming extinct. Very dangerous when abandoned in nature.”

Prevalence: Found in devices such as old cordless power tools.

Lifetime: Several years. Recycled specimens can be more than 12 years old on average.

Behaviour: Old-fashioned, kind and a tireless workhorse, but very dangerous when abandoned in nature.

Handling: Under no circumstances should you set Lumpy free in nature or mixed waste. The cadmium contained in Lumpy is hazardous waste and extremely harmful to the environment and people.

Recycling: The ferro-nickel (60%) contained in Lumpies is reutilised in the manufacturing of stainless steel and the cadmium (15%) is used for applications such as the manufacturing of new batteries.

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Did you know: Lumpies are becoming extinct, as a prohibition on bringing tool batteries containing the heavy metal cadmium on the market entered into force in the beginning of 2017.

Appearance: Usually somewhat large and angular. Can be distinguished from other tool batteries by its weight, as it often weighs more than other tool batteries. There is also a “Ni-Cd” text on its side.

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