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Species: Lead-acid battery

“A gentle giant that is harmless and easy to recycle when handled properly.”

Prevalence: Lives in environments such as UPS, solar cell or alarm systems. Not to be confused with automotive or starter batteries or lead-acid batteries designed for industrial use.

Lifetime: Up to decades

Behaviour: Leddie is the gentle giant of the battery family. Leddie is usually seen as harmful to the environment, but when handled properly it’s harmless and easy to recycle.

Handling: Under no circumstances should you discard Leddie in nature or mixed waste. The lead contained in Leddie is hazardous waste and extremely harmful to the environment. Leddie is a hassle-free living partner – it’s a maintenance-free and reliable power source that works for decades.

Recycling: When Leddie is taken to a recycling point, the lead (65–90%) contained in it can easily be recycled. The lead is recovered and reutilised primarily as raw material for new lead-acid batteries.

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Appearance: Box-shaped and large. In the same size class as Lumpies. Can weigh a few kilograms.

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