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Big Littie

Species: Lithium-ion battery

Not a member of the battery family

“An invasive species that mustn’t be placed in battery boxes.”

Prevalence: Found in new electric means of transportation such as electric bicycles and self-balancing scooters.

Lifetime: Several years when kept and charged properly.

Behaviour: Big Littie is a new battery type that may become upset when overcharged, but tends to behave well otherwise.

Handling: Big Litties must not be placed in collection points for other battery and accumulator species. You can always return a discarded Big Littie to its importer.

Did you know: Big Littie’s family is growing fast due to technological development. The family includes its big brothers used in electric cars and batteries used for storing renewable energy.

Appearance: May look confusingly similar to Lumpy. The size may vary from half a kilogram to several kilograms. Can be recognised by the “Li-” or “Li-ion” marking.

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