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Species: Alkaline battery

“The gentlest and safest member of the battery family.”

Lifetime: From days to a few months.

Prevalence: Can be found in a wide variety of devices, such as toys, remote controls, lights and clocks. Allie is a member of the most common battery species in Finland. Approximately 80% of all recycled batteries and accumulators are alkaline batteries.

Behaviour: The gentlest and safest member of the battery family. However, may start leaking a powdery liquid when upset or rusted. The liquid is not harmful to the environment, but it may cause respiratory, skin or eye irritation. Read more: Safety

Read more: Safety

Handling: Any leaking Allies must be taken to collection receptacles in a closed bag.

Recycling: The manganese and zinc (more than 75% in total) contained in Allies can be recycled into fertiliser in Finland in the near future. Read more: Recycling batteries and accumulators

Read more: What happens to returned batteries and accumulators?

Appearance: The Allie family includes batteries of different models and shapes. However, you should take care not to confuse Allies with their close cousins Ninnies, which look identical to Allies except for a “rechargeable” or “accu” marking on their side.

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